Andy Kerr

Conservationist, Writer, Analyst, Operative, Agitator, Strategist, Tactitian, Schmoozer, Raconteur


Suggested Citation: Kerr, Andy. 2000. Oregon Desert Guide: 70 Hikes. Seattle: The Mountaineers Books. pp. 12-13.

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Without the cooperation received, knowledge shared, files opened, time given, and the advice offered by so many people, you wouldn't be holding this book in your hand. I am in deep debt to all listed below and more (I've undoubtedly forgotten some—please forgive). I've decided to keep some people anonymous, lest their jobs or more he in jeopardy for being helpful.

All contributions, large and small, were appreciated. Rick Brown, Susanna DeFazio, Lizzie Grossman, Yael Hameiri, Tim Lillebo, Bill Marlett, and Nancy Peterson read nearly every word with red pen in hand.

Thanks also to Don Baccus, Ric Bailey, Borden Beck, Sheldon Bluestein, Gary and Carolyn Brown, Homer Campbell, Susan Campbell, Bob Cooley, Linda Craig, Sally Cross, Alice Elshoff, Cal Elshoff, Katie Fite, Bob Freimark, Paul Fritz, Dave Funk, Tony George, Kevin Gorman, Dave Green, Ashley Henry, Dennis Hill, Gary Kahn, Barney Kerr, Connie Levesque, Lance and Missy Litchey, C. D. Littlefield, Marc Liverman, Gilly Lyons, Maitreya, Craig Miller, Ann Mitchell, Tom Myers, Kathy Myron, Jim Myron, Reed Noss, Mary O'Brien, Bob Phillips, Elaine Rees, Kirk Shimeall, John Sherman, Paula Surmann, Jerry Sutherland, Mary Swanson, Pepper Trail, Irene Vlach, Dave Willis, Joe Walicki, Randy Webb, Russ Wilhanks, Harold Winegar, Wendell Wood, Jill Workman, George Wuerthner, and Berta Youtie.

For the geologically retarded, John Howell is a godsend. Joy Belsky provided the scientific rationale to support my visceral antipathy to livestock.

Public servants graciously provided information and/or review. Thanks to Larry Cooper, Tom Keegan, Don Whitaker, and especially Claire Puchy of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. From the Bureau of Land Management, I want to thank Lisa Clark, Scott Florence, Dave Harmon, Lucile Housley, Trish Lindaman, Fred McDonald, Heidi Mottl, Vern Stofleth, and Doug Troutman.

Jenny Barnett, Mike Nunn, and Jenny Russell of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Ser- vice were also quite helpful, as were Scott Moore (formerly of the Burns District BLM) and Paul Patton of Oregon State Parks. The willingness of these public servants to provide information or critique for this book should in no way be construed as an endorsement.

Many authors unknowingly contributed (see Recommended Reading), but I would especially like to acknowledge the Oregon Biodiversity Project. Their Oregon's Living Landscape was invaluable to me in getting the natural history, hopefully, straight.

The staff of The Mountaineers Books were always professional and often fun to work with, especially Margaret Foster, Margaret Sullivan, Alison Koop, Dottie Martin, Peggy Egerdahl, and my fine copyeditor, Mary Anne Stewart.

Mike Mertens of Ecotrust did an excellent job in producing the maps. I cannot conclude without especially acknowledging these especial people:

Lizzie Grossman, a recovering literary agent who went off the wagon long enough to shepherd me through the world of publishing.

Sandy Lonsdale for generously donating the photography.

Rick Brown, a fine naturalist who knows I'm ecologically retarded, but most patiently and helpfully answers my many questions anyway.

Susanna DeFazio for ideas, advice, and critique.

Dick Vander Schaff for his patient and informative explanations to my uncountable questions regarding flora and fauna.

Tim Lillebo, for advice on explorations in every ecoregion.

Finally, Nancy Peterson for putting up with me for being gone during looming deadlines and for subsidizing this endeavor in countless ways.