Andy Kerr

Conservationist, Writer, Analyst, Operative, Agitator, Strategist, Tactitian, Schmoozer, Raconteur

Honors, Lectures and Features of Andy Kerr


• Lifetime Achievement Award from Oregon Wild (then Oregon Natural Resources Council), 2004.

• Participated, by personal invitation of President Clinton, in the Northwest Forest Conference held in Portland in 1993 for which Willamette Week gave Kerr a "No Surrender Award."

• Certificate of Appreciation from the Native Plant Society of Oregon, 1987.

• Certificate of Conservation Achievement from the National Wildlife Federation, 1989

• Hung in effigy (at least twice).

• Death threats (lost count).


• Lectured or spoke at most of Oregon's colleges and universities, Whitman College, Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government, and Yale University.

• Spoke at University of Oregon Law School, Lewis and Clark College Northwestern School of Law and McGeorge School of Law.


• Appeared on all major network evening news and morning programs. Featured in Time, Pacific Northwest (former supplement to The Sunday Oregonian), Business Journal. Interview in USA Today. Profiled in the Oregonian (Andy Kerr wages war on growth: The environmentalist who fought old-growth logging is battling a rise in population, by Michele Cole, Sunday Oregonian, June 4, 2000).

• A major character is based on Kerr in the play In the Heart of the Woods, a play by Todd Jefferson Moore, which has been performed throughout the Pacific Northwest.

• Question #2, Card 123, Only Oregon Trivia (second generation, 1985-1992): "Andy Kerr is most closely associated with what environmental cause?" Answer: "Saving surviving stands of ancient forests." (If one cannot be immortalized, next best is trivialized.)

• A character in Todd Jefferson's 1994 In the Heart of the Wood: A Docudrama (Seattle: Rain City Projects), which was performed (that I know of) in Seattle, Tacoma, Ashland and New York. The play was nominated by the American Theatre Critics Association for Best Play of 1994 and won the Seattle Times Critic Award for Best Play of the year.