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Hate Mail

I've decided to publish hate mail I recieve. I don't receive anywhere near what I used to, but on occasion, someone still hates and I'll be passing it along. A warning to those that make such threats: be sure to write articulately and spell accurately, as I am not going to edit to make you look smarter than you are.

If you want to send me your own hate mail, or at least civil mail, if not love mail, click here.


From:     Terry King <>
    Subject:     Leslie Gulch Cabin comment
    Date:     July 19, 2011 22:45:25  EDT
    To:     Andy Kerr <>
    Cc:     Shawn King <>, Shawn King <>, todd king <>, David L. King <>, Connor King <>,

Andy Kerr,

Although I am not a professional writer, I do believe I can express
myself.  I appreciate how you characterize anyone disagrees with you
as an illiterate fool.  I included a copy of your remarks (below)
about our cabin built on private ground, right smack in the middle of
Leslie Gulch State Park.

“Home to several rare plant species, including at least two found here
and no- where else, Leslie Gulch is strikingly scenic. It is also a
take-out for river trips and a boat ramp for motorized use of the
reservoir. Increasing human use requires special management. The
highly inappropriate cabin on a highly inappropriate inholding of
private land should be acquired by the BLM and then burned to the

Andy Kerr- Conservationist, Writer, Analyst, Operative, Agitator,
Strategist, Tactician, Schmoozer, Raconteur, Highly Inappropriate

Do you understand the concept of private ownership? Do you agree with
the constitution…I am serious, do you support it? Have you read it?
Maybe you are one of those “have nothings” who believes that the
government should give you anything you want at others expense.  Andy,
if you want our highly inappropriate cabin on a highly inappropriate
inholding of private land, why don’t you buy it? The answer is: you
probably don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of!
Here is a newsflash Andy….The BLM has been trying to buy this parcel
of land for 20 years but like you they are unwilling to pay even low
market value.  Why does it bother you that our family has built this
cabin 30 years ago for our own recreational uses? Isn’t that why you
go to these scenic places? My father built this cabin and paid for it.
My grandfather traded some land in Idaho for this 40 acre piece from a
rancher family who owns the land up Dago Gulch. My father was attacked
by a bunch of liberal eco-terrorists like you and had to take his case
to the Oregon Supreme Court. Guess what Andy?  He WON (that’s right
Carl Pope look it up) It cost him thousands of dollars to defend his
right to do legally as he pleased with his property.  He has also
allowed ordinary citizens/friends/family to use his spring water and
camp on his property.  When your beloved BLM decided to prohibit young
climbers access to his land/BLM land, he ran the BLM off telling them
“those kids can camp on my property”.  We are not the bad guys
Andy….ignorant fools like you are.  Just one more question…. Andy, are
you the jerk driving past our cabin and shooting holes in it? I was up
there last weekend and there aren’t any new holes. Maybe you don’t
have the courage to shoot holes in a highly inappropriate cabin when
the owners are there to shoot back! As the ranchers would say, “you
are long on mouth and short on brains”. I dare you to post this. Why
don’t you see how many agree with me! Those of you reading, take a
look at our highly inappropriate cabin.  You
will notice the roof metal is light green and the worn siding matches
the rock color.

Terry King-former young kid who helped build that cabin.

ps. Maybe someone ought to burn your property to the ground…oh that’s
right you live in a 1969 VW Van.


From:     Gene Reed <>
    Subject:     environmentalist wacko
    Date:     July 6, 2011 23:56:40  EDT
    To:     Andy Kerr <>
    Reply-To:     Gene Reed <>

Mr. Andy
  Glad you put your e mail address so I can tell you how myself and thousands of others feel about guys like you. First off just maybe you have finally had the light bulb come on although not good enough. It is amazing that you now want the mills in eastern oregon to operate. Well because of guys like you it is to late. You have already ruined the timber industry and shut down the mills and cost thousands of familys their jobs and welfare. Of this I hope you are really proud. I would love to be a part of the team that came to your house and took ever stick of wood out of it and see how you would replace it with some other material that was as good. Timber companys grow as many trees as they cut and no one wants to cut all the old growth. There are plenty of trees that can be harvested on private ground. You can thank the forest service for ruining thousands of acres of trees with their so called controlled burns that get away and burn thousands of perfectly good forests that are lost to everyone, and then people like you fight to keep any salvage work from being done so that the trees are left to rot in  the burn.  This is the way millions of americans feel. Guys like you are in the minority but you raised enough  hell that the news media falls for your crap.  I am sure you have received plenty of emails like mine and you deserve everyone of them. A  9 mm is to good for you .