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2. Poison Creek

Suggested Citation: Kerr, Andy. 2000. Oregon Desert Guide: 70 Hikes. Seattle: The Mountaineers Books. p. 96.

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What to Expect: The hard way to the top of the largest continuous fault scarp in North America.

Distance: 2 miles round trip

Elevation Range: 4,300-5,940 feet

Drinking Water: Yes

Best Times: Summer, fall

USGS 7.5' Map: Lake Abert South

Oregon Map Starting Point: Valley Falls

Approximately 8 miles north on US 395 is the mouth of Poison Creek (the big- gest break in Abert Rim). The land along the creek at the highway is private, so you have to park back from the mouth of the creek. Hike around the fence to the south to stay on public land.

This is an extremely rugged undeveloped "trail" to the rim. On your way to the rim you'll find good (not poison) water, good riparian vegetation, scattered white fir, mountain mahogany, quaking aspen, ponderosa pine, and western juniper. Watch for wildlife and watch out for ticks.

There are some nice petroglyphs at the Poison Creek pour-off at the top of the rim. Once on top, dangle your tootsies over the rim.

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